Andy Perdue
6th thru 12th
Head Baseball Coach, Defensive Coordinator HS Football
1:15 - 2:05


Links to My Planbook!!!

8th Grade Coding/Web Design

8th Grade Multimedia/Yearbook

7th Grade Computer Apps

6th Grade Explore - Keyboarding        ****See Below for more...****



All typing assignments can be done on the Typing Web, 6th grade Students are required to type

for 25 minutes a day then they can explore the typing games on the typing web.


All 7th/8th Grade Students type every day for 10 minutes at the beginning of class

Coding/Web Design - Student need to be at school every day, you cannot afford to get behind in this class/We Maintain our Sites Web Site

Multimedia/Yearbook - We will learn to video and produce short clips and develop and produce our Year Book for 2019/20


They must be logged into their google account and sign in with google to get credit,

assignments can be done at home if the student is not at school.  Other assignments are

posted to their Google Groups associated with their class and can be done at home also.


If your student misses school they can check their E-mail for assignments 

About Me

Physical Education, Computer Application & Programming
Associate - CASC 1985
Bachelor - NSU 1987
Masters - ECU 2009



Daily Schedule

7:15    - 8:50     PKMS - 7th/8th Grade Athletics 

8:55    - 9:45     PKMS - 8th Grade Coding/Web Design - Room 9

9:50   - 10:40   PKMS - 8th Grade Multimedia/Yearbook - Room 9

10:45 - 11:30   PKMS - 7th Grade Computer Apps - Room 9

11:35 - 12:20   6th Grade Explore - Keyboarding - Room 9 

12:20 - 1:15     Lunch

1:15   - 2:05     PHS - PREP

2:10   - 3:05     PHS - Football/Off Season/Baseball


Lunch Duty @ PKMS on Mon/Wed/Thursday

Lower Play Ground/Table Area/Table Area