Amy Houghtaling
6 thru 8
Pansy Kidd Middle School
Art Club
5th Period 12:25 - 1:15

About Me

BA in Arts Education

Teaching -

Prior to teaching at PKMS, I taught in Oklahoma City public schools and at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


Family -

Most of my family is still in Iowa, where I grew up.

Locally, it's just me, my husband and step kids.


Outside Work -

I have a 2nd job working with my husband at his company, AARC Towing and Recovery.  I mostly do paperwork but every once in a while I get to drive one of the tow trucks.


Hobbies - 
Several years ago I took up playing my 1st sport --- EVER.  I love it and am now a starting blocker for the internationally ranked River Valley Roller Girls Derby Diamonds.

I love stories.  Whenever I get a bit of down time, I love to spend it with a book.  Because I don't have much time for reading, you will often find me listening to audio books while doing something else.  A big treat for me is going to the movies, especially the drive in. 

I also love to travel, eat, sleep and go to the lake.




Daily Schedule

1st Hour - Intermediate Art 1st Semester - 2nd Semester

2nd Hour - Academic Achievement

3rd Hour - Intermediate Art - 1st Semester - 2nd Semester


4th Hour - Explore - 1st 9 Weeks - 2nd 9 Weeks - 3rd 9 Weeks - 4th 9 Weeks

5th Hour - Plan

6th Hour - Advanced Art

7th Hour - Advanced Art



Art Club