Student Accident Insurance

The enrollment method has changed  from paper applications to electronic applications utilizing the  Internet. This will be accomplished by the use of a dedicated secure enrollment website. The website address is On this website, you can:
•    View all of the coverage and premium options
•    Review a Frequently Asked Questions section
•    Purchase the insurance using a credit/debit card and receive an instant and printable confirmation of what they purchased

This electronic enrollment is a win-win-win situation. It allows you, the parents, to purchase the coverage on a real time basis, it allows the school district to reduce its involvement in the enrollment  process, and it enables Markel Insurance Company to more efficiently administer the program.

The key to the success of this new electronic enrollment is that you, the parents, are made aware of the website. Student Accident insurance is becoming more and more important to families due to lack of other insurance for their children or having major medical plans with ever increasing deductibles & co-insurance requirements. This Student Accident insurance program helps families cope with these issues in a very cost effective manner.  This website,,  allows you to review the information and determine its value for your family’s situation or click on the links below.



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