Pansy Kidd Middle School




Pansy Kidd Middle School offers a variety of required and elective subjects. Extensive curriculum planning and preparation by the faculty is an ongoing process. Objectives for each subject have been developed and are reviewed annually. Students are assessed annually to determine their mastery of the learning objectives. Parents may review the local curriculum and the PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) by contacting the principal's office.

Listed below are the subjects available for students. Sixth grade students are allowed to choose electives for one period a day and are eligible to compete at the local level and in Eastern District Honor Choir. Seventh grade students will choose two electives per semester and can compete up to the state level. Eighth grade students choose electives for two periods a day and can compete up to the state level.

Grade Six

Required <                                  > Electives (1 semester except for Band & Athletics)


Reading <                                 > Vocal  Music       > Art

Science/Health  <                         > P.E.                      > Athletics

Social Studies <                         >Tech. Ed. >FCS

Mathematics < >Band

Grade Seven

Required <                               > Electives (1 semester except Band & Athletics)

English <                                   > Vocal  Music                   > Art

Geography <                           > P.E.                                  > Athletics

Mathematics <                         >Tech. Ed. >FCS

Reading <                                > Intro to Computers >Foreign Language

Science <                                > Band

Grade Eight

Required <                               > Electives (2 semesters)

English<                                     > Vocal  Music                   > Art

History/Civics <                       > P.E.                                  > Athletics

Mathematics <                          >Tech. Ed. >FCS

Reading <                                 > Intro to Computers >Foreign Language

Science <                                 > Band


Class schedules for the entire year are finalized during the first week of school. Changes made in the schedule are considered only for academic or medical reasons. Changes of this type must be approved by the principal, instructor, and counselor.


Students are expected to come to each class prepared with those essential materials, homework assignments, and books that will enable the student to fully participate in class activities. Those students who fail to turn in assignments when due may be required to complete classwork or homework during lunchtime or after school.


Homework is an extension of the work in the classroom. It provides the student needed independent practice to reinforce skills and can be an important communication between school and home. Homework assignments should be accurately completed and ready to turn in by the assigned due date.


Student progress is measured by various methods including daily assignments, test scores, class preparation, projects, and teacher observation. Students must take the nine-week/semester test before a final grade can be given for a subject. Grades are made up of daily grades, weekly test or project grades, and nine-week/semester test grades.

This distribution of letter grades is based on the following scale:

A Accurately Complete 90%-l 00%
B Accurately Complete 80%-89%
C Accurately Complete 70%-79%
D Accurately Complete 60%-69%
F Accurately Complete less than 60%

For athletics/physical education, office and library aides, the following grading system will be used:

S Satisfactory

U Unsatisfactory

Special education students are evaluated in all classes on the basis of their Individualized Education Plan.


Teachers feel they are informing parents of the student's progress each time they grade and return papers to students. It is the student's responsibility to take papers home for parents to see. Parents, please ask your son or daughter to see papers on a daily basis.

At the end of the fifth week of each grading period, parent /teacher conferences are held. The teacher will indicate ways the student may improve his/her work. Parents are encouraged to schedule conferences with teachers to discuss the progress of their child. At parent request, the school will notify the parent’s employer concerning their need to attend conferences. Special parent transportation requests to attend conferences must be made to the principal.

Report cards are sent to parents at the end of the nine-week grading periods.


School officials have the responsibility for placement of students in grades six through eight. Students that make five failing semester grades will not be promoted to the next grade.

Although academic achievement is the major consideration, other factors considered are: mental capacity; age and size; previous retentions; sibling grade placement; parent attitudes; student attitude and attendance; and the ability of the student to profit from repeating a grade. For further clarification, please see the principal about board policy dealing with promotion and retention. Summer school is an option for students. Satisfactory attendance and satisfactory performance may allow the student to advance in failed subjects and/or grade level.



Upon request of a student, parent, guardian, or educator, a qualifying student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in one or more areas of the core curriculum. The instrument and method of assessment will be determined by the school.

Students demonstrating proficiency at the ninety percent level or greater will be given credit for that subject and given the opportunity to advance to the next level of study. Before formally requesting credit by assessment, the principal or counselor should be contacted for additional information. Information the student will need includes assessment dates, subjects available for assessment credit, and assessment methods and instruments. A student formally requesting such assessment shall do so four weeks prior to any assessment date.



Poteau students take achievement tests each year. Criterion referenced skills tests for reading, writing, math, science, history/geography, and the arts will be given to all students during the spring semester. Parents are provided a copy of their child's results and conferences may be scheduled to discuss results.