Tarah Lamb
7th and 8th
7th & 8th Grade Center
First Period

About Me

Tech Ed, Robotics, and STEM
Bachelor of Science
Associate of Science

My Mission

My mission is to engage students of all demographics, learning styles, and ability levels. I will demonstrate subject area expertise and differentiate instruction to meet students where they are. I will build relationships with students and their families. I will remain committed to student and personal growth. 

My Philosophy

I believe that my job as an educator is to foster a ferocious curiosity and hunger for learning that will carry my students through their educational careers and spill over into their lives outside of the classroom. I believe that children with exceptionalities, English learners, and children of minority groups, including those with lower socioeconomic status, deserve special consideration when lesson planning and interacting with students and their families to ensure that these children feel valued, respected, and treasured. I aspire to teach the whole child and to encourage the child to excel in all aspects of their lives.

Daily Schedule

Fall 2021 Schedule

1st Hour      8:00-8:50             Planning Period

2nd Hour     8:55-9:45             8th Grade Tech Ed

3rd Hour     9:50-10:40           7th Grade Tech Ed

4th Hour     10:45-11:35         8th Grade Robotics

5th Hour     11:40-12:30         Lunch

6th Hour     12:25-1:15           7th Grade Tech Ed

7th Hour     1:20-2:10             7th Grade STEM

8th Hour     2:15-3:05             7th Grade Tech Ed