Between August 1 and December 31 of the year following the submission by the United States Department of Commerce to the President of the United States of the official Federal Decennial Census, the board of education shall re-apportion the territory of the school district into five (5) board districts.

Four shall be in the urban area and one in the outlying area. The urban districts shall be compact, contiguous, and shall be as equal in population as may be practicable with not more than a ten percent (10) variance between the most and least populous election districts, including the outlying district.

The order for election is:

Office Number one


Outlying District


Office Number two


Northwest District (City Ward #1)


Office Number three


Northeast District (City Ward #2)


Office Number four


Southwest District (City Ward #4)


Office Number five


Southeast District (City Ward #3)


The annual school elections shall be held the second Tuesday in February, except in any year when a presidential preferential primary is held in February, then the election will be held on the same day as the presidential preferential primary. If a run-off election is required, it will be held on the first Tuesday in April. Revised: July 13, 1999