Freddie Edwards
3rd - 5th
Poteau Upper Elementary School

About Me

BA: Music Education; Masters Degree: Elementary Education

This is my 40th year of teaching Music at either the Upper Elementary or Primary Schools.

I write and sing gospel music and I teach at a Gospel Music Summer Camp in Nashville, TN for 2 weeks every Summer.

I have a Limousin Cattle Ranch in Cameron, OK and I attend Cavanaugh Church in Ft. Smith, AR.

I am married and have 3 boys and 6 grandchildren.




Singing Songs/ reviewing music education (Solfege - Do,Re,Mi/ Sight Singing/ Ear Training)

4th grade play recorder instruments
2rd, 3rd and  5th grade play rhythm, bells and keyboard instruments. Continue singing Solfege , learning Music History (Classical music Composers).

4th grade play recorder instruments and do a concert on the recorders
2rd, 3th and 5th grade Singing Songs and learning music theory, play rhythm, bells and keyboard instruments). Also learning about the 4 families of instruments (Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion)
Many worksheets
5th grade start recorders

3th grade work on Vet. Program
2rd and 4th grade sing Thanksgiving songs
5th grade work on recorders

All classes sing Christmas Songs
5th grade perform a recorder program
4th grade perform a Christmas Song Program
2nd grade perform  a Christmas Song Program

All classes sing and continue music theory and sight singing (Solfege) and ear training. Continue learning the sounds of the 4 families of musical instruments (Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion) and playing rhythm,bells and keyboards.
Also continue learning about famous Classical music composers.

Same as Jan.
5th grade start working on Patriotic Program

5th grade Perform a Patriotic Program
All other grades continue music learning as in Jan. along with new songs from text books.

All grades continue music learning with new songs from text book. Review and give final music test.

All grades continue music learning with new songs from text book.


Daily Schedule

Monday - Friday

7:30AM - 3:20PM