PHS Art Club

Sponsor: Katie Hopper

PHS Art Club stays very busy throughout the year, and even into summer.

The club participates in numerous events yearly: several local and statewide art competitions, community art projects, campus beautification, painting of spirit panels and football murals, face painting, annual Christmas pageant, set painting, traveling to the capitol rallies, designing and executing football, wrestling, and basketball homecoming, just to mention a few!

All grades 9-12 are welcome to join. Meetings are in random intervals throughout the year.

2021-2022 Art Club Roster

Abigail Ocampo
Aerial Armstrong
Aidan Falkner
Aleena Tippitt
Alicia Bruno
Ash-Lynn Hess
Asher Dunn
Ava Brooks
Bethanie Rogers
Bethany Warren
Bictoria Castillo
Blaylee Kinsey
Breezie Kniesley
Brooklyn Latham
Caius Thompson
Camryn Zink
Claudia Gabriel
Cooper Gillham
Divine Shoat
Eddie Daggs
Elaine Fuller
Emily Luce
Emma Rogers
Hallie Macaurelle
Jaisy Ramirez
Jasmin Colunga
Jasmine Henderson
Jaylee Branscum
Jennifer Collier
John Thompson
Kaelyn Hoegrefe
Kalynn Taylor
Katelynn Newman
Kendy Traywick
Kiersten Biebermeyer
Kyla Phillips
Kyleigh Ramirez
Lana McBride
Lesley Corea
Madison Skinner
Meia Graham
Raelee Ruiz

Reagan Rodriguez


Shelby Zink
Skyla Honeycutt
Susan Martinez
Timothy Naylor
Traegan Ballard
Whisper Bailey
Xochie Ta
Zane Harrison

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